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Apple Is Looking For a “Talented Engineer” With a Secret Job Listing

Its always interesting to see what is happening in the industry.  Apple has posted a secret job ad looking for a “talented engineer” on a hidden website. The successful candidate will be working on critical infrastructure for the company’s ecosystem. The secret posting was discovered by ZDNet’s Zach Whittaker.

The job ad outlines the importance of the role and the type of employee Apple is hunting for. The task ahead seems like a pretty big deal, the lucky engineer will reportedly be working on building infrastructure that will deal with millions of drives, tens of thousands of servers, and Exabytes of data.

Apple normally advertises their jobs on their careers page and it isn’t clear why they went to the trouble of hiding this particular role.

Having Apple on your resume is no easy task. While the company now has more than 100,000 employees, getting a job is still really competitive. Past employees of Apple suggest that being genuine about your motivations and experience is key. The Human Resources staff at the company will spot a fake a mile off. But after that, you’ll need to rely on your experience and charm. Apple is an equal-opportunity employer with a good track record of looking after employees.

If you are lucky enough to be in California then you’ll get the chance to work at the soon to be completed Apple Park. The new multibillion-dollar campus will host the circle shaped offices amidst a massive parkland home to more than 9000 trees.

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shhhhh i.t. in progress

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